To keep US 20 in top condition, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is conducting a Phase I engineering study and environmental analysis.

About the Project

In cooperation with FHWA, IDOT is devising a plan (Phase I) that began in May 2013 which integrates the results of an extensive preliminary study of the area with the immediate and future needs of Elgin. The scope of this study focuses exclusively on the 6.8-mile corridor beginning west of Randall Road, ending east of Shales Parkway in Cook and Kane counties, IL. The McLean Boulevard Exchange is separate of this project and is excluded from this study.

Where is the US 20 Study Area?

Otherwise known as Lake Street, this 7-mile controlled-access highway begins from the west of Randall Road and ends east of Shales Parkway in Kane and Cook counties, IL.

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